*Please read in full before booking* Book now to secure your private 2 hours of undivided attention, in our meringue free boutique, where you can try on as many or as few dresses as you wish. Our aim is to offer modern and original brides an alternative to the traditional strapless princess gown or drop waist a line silhouettes that dominate other boutiques. We specifically stock a carefully curated choice of exclusive gowns for the untraditional bride. We charge a small consultation fee of £10 so please make sure you are happy with our style, sizes and price range before booking. Rescheduling is perfectly fine but no shows and same day cancellations will incur an additional charge of £15 to cover for loss of business as the boutique is reserved solely for you. Exclusive doesn't mean expensive with gorgeous gowns from £1000 - £2500, with the majority of our gowns being around £1500. New dresses are made to order in the correct size, but the samples in store to try on range from 6-14. Majority of gowns are a size 12. If you have your heart set on a particular gown and worried it won't fit please call or email to confirm before booking. You may bring a maximum of 4 guests with you, however we strongly recommend only bringing 1 or 2 with you to your initial appointment. For more information about us and all our gowns please visit www.unbridaledboutique.com All contact details provided are used solely for the scheduling of your appointment - we will never spam you.


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